Gathering Pace Consulting
  Building Momentum In Leadership and Organizational Performance

Competent, Quality Consulting and Solutions.
Building Momentum Improving Leadership, Teams and Organizational Performance
Gathering Pace means accelerating, increasing performance, building momentum.  We've helped thousands of leaders, hundreds of organizations gather pace, continuously improving performance, communications, focus and motivation. 

Our programs and projects consistently pay for themselves many times over.  Our clients achieve lasting productivity gains, create new processes and reach new levels of performance and communications.  Our clients include a wide range of organizations, from biotech start-ups to construction companies, hospitals to architecture firms, internet service providers to engineering groups, universities to non-profits.  How can we help you?
Leadership Training in your organization or our Leaders Circle programs provides the challenge, insight and support that enables good managers to become great leaders.  Our programs increase awareness and build core competencies.  Our format of half-day workshops spread over time ensures you fully apply new skills.  

Strategic Planning enables your organization or department to "invent your future."  We begin with objective SWOT analysis and surveys of your key clients and stakeholders; help you clarify vision, mission and values, formulate goals and fully implement the plan in every employee's priorities. 

Partnering / Teambuilding Consulting
improves communications and performance within and between departments and organizations.  "Good people don't necessarily make effective teams."  We have helped 200+ clients gather pace, consistently registering continuing improvements in bottom-line performance and communications. Our clients include drug development teams, construction projects, new product development teams, executive leadership teams, factory supervisors and IT. 
Executive Coaching provides a structured, individual approach for leaders and professionals of all kinds to address key issues and opportunities.  We set clear goals enabling you to focus, practice, build core competencies, improve skills and chart progress clearly as you make gains over time. 

Custom Training enables you to develop essential competencies efficiently.  We deliver exceptional results improving performance in Consulting Skills, Positive Assertive Management, Presentation Skills and Supervisory / Management Skills.  We customize all programs, engage senior management support and connect program content to real-world job demands

White Papers, Books we've written provide useful reference and in-depth insights.  White Papers address Strategic Planning; Business Intelligence; Leadership Best Practices for Scientists; IT and Engineers and Leadership For Architects.  Our books include The Partnering Solution (Career Press), the Partnering Manual For Design and Construction (McGraw-Hill), Making Work (Plenum Press), Jobs (Beacon Press) and Food Co-Ops (Beacon Press)
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