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4 Training Topics That
Contribute Most To Your Success

We specialize in training programs that focus on four topics that strongly influence most organizations' success.  For each of these, we begin with a template outline but vary that outline to reflect client interests and needs.  We usually use interviews and surveys of participants and their managers to customize program content. 

Our four core training topics are: 

  • Improving Management and Supervisory Skills.  Most people who manage and supervise others "rose up through the ranks."  Their individual job skills excede their management skills.  We provide hands-on training in the everyday communications, people and organizational skills that help all managers and supervisors improve both their performance and their job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Improving Consulting Skills:  Adding Value, Getting Your Expertise Used.  Most organizations' success depends in large part on the consulting skills of their internal service departments:  finance, human resources, marketing, quality, statistics, etc.  Few of these people possess the communications skills to match their technical skills and that's where we come in.  We've led highly successful consulting skills training for a broad mix of clients including 220 statisticians in the 5 global sites of a major pharmaceutical company; 20 people in a quality control department of a major manufacturer; 6 bookkeepers in the finance department of a nation-wide architecture firm.
  • Improving Presentation Skills.  Increasing numbers of people must give presentations as part of their work.  Our programs provide the intense, effective hands-on practice that enables the presenters at all skill levels (and the range can is often wide in any group) to significantly increase their effectiveness.
  • Improving Strategic Planning:  SWOT, Vision, Goals, Full Implementation.  As more employees at all levels are becoming involved, training increases t he effectiveness of people who are working with strategic planning.  We often provide training on strategic planning as part of our strategic planning consulting.

For more information on how to develop your own program for maximum lasting results, please contact us directly.

Training:  An Excellent Investment

Our 100+ highly satisfied training clients, a mix of Fortune 500 companies, professional firms, scientific, design and construction organizations, all agree --- Our custom training is one of the best investments you can make in your people and your organization.  Our custom training programs:

  • Pay for themselves many times over in terms of increased participant performance and new participant competencies
  • Improve morale and motivation, and build a strong organization culture
  • Deliver the insights and skills people need most to enhance their career progress
  • Enable organizations to promote from within and reduce costly turnover
  • Earn 90% “Excellent” evaluations

Our Approach Ensures Lasting Results

Whatever training content you choose, our programs maximize participants’ understanding and consistently achieve lasting results not only because of our training skills but also because of our program design, planning and structure.  We: 

  • Begin by clarifying your desired outcomes, i.e., what lasting results you want the program to achieve.  We base program content and format on your desired outcomes.
  • Link training content to company goals and objectives.  Training is much more useful when we help participants "connect the dots" between our programs, your company goals and their job priorities. 
  • Interview key managers and participants prior to the program to clarify their interests and needs and customize program content
  • Plan programs as a series of several sessions instead of one-time “retreats” so participants can focus on applying training insights skills between sessions
  • Deliver training not only to build skills but also to strengthen communications and working relationships among participants
  • Use program case materials from participants' everyday work, not "canned" texts
  • Have participants apply program insights and skills between sessions. 
  • Follow up on programs months after their completion to ensure ongoing learning and development  
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