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Executive Coaching Increases Awareness, Builds Essential Skills 



Most professional athletes make intelligent use of coaches.  Increasing numbers of professionals and executives are also drawing on coaches to help them improve performance, insight, focus and motivation 


The purpose of our one-on-one executive coaching varies depending on participants’ needs and interests.  In most cases, people work with one-on-one coaching in order to:

  • Improve job performance
  • Develop new competencies and skills
  • Advance their careers
  • Enhance job satisfaction

 Outcomes, Results


For many people, coaching results in significant outcomes and important results.  Our coaching clients have achieved outcomes including:

·         “Turning around” problem and conflict situations

·         Significantly improving their communications awareness and skills

·         Improving their reputations and the ways others view them

·         Breaking through roadblocks and obstacles in their career development

·         Making successful transitions, clarifying new goals and priorities




Coaching methods and approaches vary widely.  We find that we achieve optimal results by clarifying several items with participants:

  • Outcomes and goals.  What do participants want to achieve in terms of increased competency, comfort, skills and applications?
  • Time frames.  We usually find that four two-hour meetings separated by 1 – 4 weeks enable participants to apply insights and skills and see improvements.  It’s possible to vary the length, number and frequency of meetings, but it’s helpful to work within a framework that meets participants’ learning style.
  • Senior management involvement.  When useful, we involve participants’ senior managers in defining coaching expectations and outcomes.
  • Meetings.  Meetings can take place in participants’ office or in an outside location, whichever works best for participants.  Most meetings end with clear “assignments” involving participants planning to apply session insights and tools.
  • Between meetings.  We ask participants to try out new skills, methods and tools between meetings with us.  These efforts usually take little if any extra time but they do ask participants to apply what we are working with

 Typical Coaching Program Content


Our coaching clients typically work on skills including:

  • Increasing awareness of how others perceive them
  • Developing, refining essential communications skills
  • Motivating subordinates, collaborating with peers
  • Increasing skills with business development and marketing
  • Building teams and groups
  • Clarifying personal and professional goals
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