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Leadership Training In Your Company Or Our Leaders Circle Programs
Improves Leadership Performance, Increases Focus and Motivation

“.. Leaders are not born.  Leaders are made, and they are made by effort and hard work.”  Vince Lombardi

If you’re willing to work, we will help you, as we’ve helped hundreds of leaders, significantly improve their performance, creativity, vision and job satisfaction at the deepest levels.  Our programs consistently:

  • Improve core leadership competencies
  • Increase job satisfaction and focus
  • Deliver excellent value and return on investment
  • Enable participants to register gains that matter most to them and their companies
  • Refocus participants on key priorities and goals
  • Earn Excellent feedback from participants and sponsoring companies
  • Achieve lasting results over time  


We provide leadership training both in custom programs in your organization and in our own Leaders Circle programs.  To enhance program outcomes, both feature:

  • Both core content and extensive customization to meet each participant's needs 
  • Brief, often half-day sessions spread over time
  • A broad mix of strategies, skills and tools
  • Focus on fully applying new skills, not just acquiring basic familiarity with concepts
Leaders Circle

Our Leaders Circle programs deliver in-depth skills development for small (6-10 people), strategically mixed groups of participants.  The program consists of 12 monthly haf-day workshops spread over a year, enabling participants not only to understand concepts but fully understand and integrate new methods in their everyday work.  We have led 20+ Leaders Circle groups in the past ten years, with participants consistently rating the program "Excellent."

Participant Comments

"Technology is easy, understanding people is the hard part!  These leadership programs gave me the tools to keep my interactions constructive."
I now have the tools to be effective.”
James Martin, IT Director, TROJungBrannen

“The program helped me become a better leader, colleague, father … I really enjoyed the atmosphere that allowed for personal attention.”  Douglas Noonan, Director, Global Corporate Real Estate, Adidas-Reebok

“Participating in these leadership programs has been extremely valuable – to me personally, and in bringing highly effective collaborative consulting skills to other statisticians, clinicians and other scientists.” 
Jeffrey H. Schwartz, Ph.D., Clinical Statistics, Pfizer Corporation 

“The group is so powerful that you apply the data immediately.”  Brad Keyes, Director, Business Development, Keyes North Atlantic 



Leadership Core Competencies:  Program Content 

Leadership core competencies for our programs feature these topics.  We customize each program depending on the needs and interests of participants.

1.  Clarifying Learning Goals

Where are you starting?  What do you want to accomplish in the program?  What do you want the program to achieve for you?  What do you want to learn?  What outcomes do you want to achieve by participating? 

2.  Taking Stock

Developing an objective, comprehensive assessment of your performance strengths and weaknesses.  We use confidential 360-degree surveys, interviews and direct observations to provide a clear sense of what you are bringing to your future.


3.  Clarifying Personal Vision

Identifying core preferences and shadow.  What constitutes the in-depth you?  What are the deepest sources of your motivation?  Translating vision into everyday priorities and increased focus. 


4.  Learning To Set and Achieve New Goals

Core concepts and skills for setting and achieving new goals and vision.  Avoiding common mistakes.  Balancing what’s possible with what’s achievable.  How high is too high?  What’s necessary, what’s interesting, what’s important. 


5.  Managing Change

Taking your next steps means managing change in your organization, your work day, your goals, your personal life.  Must change be traumatic?  Understanding why change is difficult.  Learning what you can do to embrace change.


6.  Improving One-On-One Communications Skills

Much leadership does not occur in formal speaking engagements but rather in the everyday one-on-one communications leaders have with peers, partners, senior management, direct reports.  How to give and receive feedback, deliver constructive criticism, motivate and inspire, collaborate and brainstorm, coach and counsel.  Increasing skill with collaborative, win-win approaches to communications.


7.  Improving Group Communications Skills

Beyond Presentations 101:  How to present your ideas with comfort, skill, full conviction, energy and passion.  How to lead meetings for full, even engagement.  Why and how to increase productivity and follow-through of any team.  How to turn your group into a high-performing team.


8.  Increasing Partnering Effectiveness

How partnering determines your overall performance and success.  Improving partnering results with clients, users, peers, other organizations, other departments.  What partnering is and is not.  Understanding, applying partnering methods in your own situation. 


9.  Strategic Thinking, Strategic Planning

How to think more strategically.  Why and how you can do strategic planning for your team, group, department, organization.  How and why to use survey data effectively.  Developing effective goals.  Fully implementing your plan.  Linking strategic planning and organizational learning. 

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