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Many people enjoy and benefit from pursuing deeper understanding of organizational behavior, leadership, partnering and teambuilding.  We initially wrote these White Papers for our clients, to help them understand in greater depth the full potential of the work they ask us to develop.

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  Leadership Best Practices Blog. Check to receive (approx monthly) new blog postings on the most current best practices for leadership and communications.  Most posts originally appeared on Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News. 
  Strategic Planning Best Practices.  Strategic planning has strong potential to improve not only organizations but also departments and teams.  This White Paper describes pitfalls to avoid and best practices that increase your strategic planning's effectiveness.
  Leadership Training Best Practices For Scientists, IT and  Engineers.  White Paper enabbles you to design and deliver highly effective leadership training for scientists, IT professionals and engineers. 
  Leadership Best Practices For Architects (Excerpted from our Report in the American Institute of Architects Practice Manual, John Wiley, 2006)
  Blog - Are The Villagers Carrying Torches?  Getting The Most From Your 360 Survey.  These surveys can provide valuable insights --- if used properly.
  Blog - The Real Meaning Of Partnering.  Partnering is not only a general intention for organizations to form alliances, it's also a method for improving communications and performance in alliances of all kinds.
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Our Books Help You Develop Your Own Programs,
Be A More Effective Client And Participant

Our books provide useful insights, strategies and skills enabling you to carry out your own partnering and teambuilding work, or to be a more effective client and participant in partnering, teambuilding and training programs.  Thanks to the world wide web, all of these books are readily available online.  Following are brief descriptions of and links to each of our books on the web site.

Our most recent book, The Partnering Solution (Career Press, 2005) "is a tools book" which provides insights, strategies and skills enabling your to increase partnering effectiveness in a wide range of applications:  outsourcing, strategic alliances, design and construction, government, science, etc.  Reviewer David Hanitchak, Director of Planning and Construction at Massachusetts General Hospital comments, “If you're undertaking a complex project you will benefit from this mind-opening book. And if you're a client, especially one in a large, complex organization, this book has the potential to change the brainscape of the bureaucracy. Beg, borrow or buy this book.”  Order from at this link:

Our earlier book, the Partnering Manual For Design And Construction (McGraw-Hill, 1996) provides step-by-step instructions for planning, facilitating and following up on your own partnering for design and construction projects.  Written and often used as a text, the book is also very useful for participants in partnering programs, enabling them to derive the full value construction partnering offers.  Order from at this link:

Though formally out of print, our three other books are still available online.

Making Work, co-authored with Lisa R. Peattie and published by Plenum Press, 1981, is the result of a National Institute of Mental Health study we conducted into the nature of highly satisfying work.  Order at:

Jobs, published by Beacon Press, 1977, describes work arrangements people created on their own.  Order at

Food Co-Ops, also published by Beacon Press, 1974, provides descriptions, history and instructions for readers interested in starting their own food-cooperatives.  Order at

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