Our Custom Training Achieves Lasting Results

Training has tremendous potential to build needed skills and improve individual and team performance. Organizations can also use training strategically to implement new initiatives and change, address new challenges, motivate employees and decrease unwanted turnover.

Unfortunately, much training fails or falls short of its potential.  Despite clear training objectives, support emails from senior leaders, competent trainers and waves of enthusiasm after training sessions, participants to often fail to implement the training afterwards.

Several factors contribute to these failures:

· Despite emails of support from senior leaders, training participants don’t understand how the training applies to their individual situation.

· Training content comes from a “canned” program, material that’s generally relevant for many situations but only partly useful for this particular situation.

· Training is delivered in a “one and done,” intense, one-time structure.  Follow-up is implied but unclear.

· Training methods rely heavily on “stand-and-deliver” trainers who are excellent speakers but don’t enable participants to fully apply the training content.   

Our approach to training addresses these issues and enables training to achieve its full potential. We:

· Interview senior leaders and training participants any training to learn about their interests and concerns, and modify training accordingly

· Collaborate with senior leaders so that they take an active role in planning and delivering training

· Use business school case method approach, group facilitation and hands-on training methods to actively, comfortably involve all participants in training sessions  

· Structure training as a series of sessions over time, building in the opportunity and expectation for participants to apply insights and skills between sessions

Overall, our approach consistently achieves not only 90% Excellent evaluations from participants but also lasting results in participants’ applying training content.