Strategic Planning


Much More Than Number Crunching

Beyond a study of financials, strategic planning helps your organization create its future and build a productive culture.  Strategic planning combines business analysis with rigorous inquiry into Vision, Mission, Values and Goals.

For Organizations, Departments, Teams

Strategic planning isn't just for large corporations.  The strategic planning process generates useful results for non-profits, departments, government agencies, groups and teams.

Rigorous Business Analysis

Our strategic planning features rigorous, objective analysis of your organization including SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats), client and stakeholder satisfaction studies and a balanced score card that captures the most important metric for your organization.   

Inspirational Mission, Vision, Values, Goals

Contrasting the business analysis study of what you have, we also help you clarify what you want: What you want your organization's Mission, Vision, Values and Goals to be.

Initiatives and Ongoing Organizational Learning

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Strategic Planning White Paper