Leader Training

Our leadership training programs build crucial insight and skills for new and experienced leaders. We design and deliver custom, in-company leadership training programs. Or, you can participate in one of our own Leaders Circle groups. Leaders Circle consists of 12 monthly half-day seminars for a small group (typically 5 - 7 participants), a strategic mix of job roles and organizations

 Leaders Circle Participant Comments .......

“Participating in Leaders Circle was the best step in my professional career.”  Andrew Witkin, President, American Society of Landscape Architects; President, Witkin-Hults Landscape Architecture

“Participation in the Leaders Circle provided me with important skills. These had immediate benefits and a lasting impact.”  Ralph DeFlorio, Director of Operations, Harvard Divinity School

“I walked away from our sessions with something tangible to implement in both my professional and, often times, personal life every single time.”  Zachary Bergeron, Associate, Construction Economist

Vermeulens Boston and The North East Region

“I learned to take responsibility for engaging others in building a working partnership, seeking what is important and cutting through the wasteful distractions so that we could build trust among team members.”  Mary Ann Williams, Program Executive, Skanska Corporation

I continue to consistently go to my Leader's Circle toolbox to deal with leadership and management challenges that I deal with daily. Thank you, Dr. Ronco!”  Rouzbeh R. Taghizadeh, Ph.D.,Chief Scientific Officer, AuxoCell Laboratories, Inc.

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